Points Program (Learn how to get points towards your purchases)


How Loyalty Points Work:


How do I get points?

Simply create an account and place an order. That’s it, the points will be automatically added to your account.


How many points will I get?

You will receive one point for each dollar you spend.


How do I cash in my points?

At checkout, your total points will appear on the page and allow you to either add them to the order or save them for any future order. Each 100 points is $1 off.


Can I check my points balance?

Yes. Simply go to your account page and there you will see points total.


Can I still collect points when I use a coupon code?

Yes. No problem.


What else can I do to collect points?

We will be offering opportunities for you to obtain bonus points for social media events, bonus draws and other chances to win. So make sure you join all of our social media platforms, subscribe to our newsletters and watch our homepage for these great opportunities to collect points!


Any questions should be directed to our support staff by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the side menu. Or, you may email us at info@yourkratom.com. 

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