Our Story is Your Kratom

We are a collaboration of partners with over 20 years of experience harvesting and distributing kratom. Known as the “grandfathers of the industry“, we were the first to introduce this plant to countries all over the world, craft the first extracts, and create some of the most well known companies out there!

And now, as a collective mind we bring you the most innovative, scientifically formulated products on the market. Whether it is a liquid, capsule, or any other of our new and exciting products to come, you can be 100% sure the kratom within that product has been ethically harvested using fair trade practices. The most impressive attribute of the Your Kratom product line is the extracts we manufacture in our fully licensed labs which contain the most technologically advanced equipment used in phyto–chemistry.

What makes Your Kratom special?

Over 50 years combined experience in the industry

Made in an FDA-registered Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Intense research and development using cutting edge technology

Have the technology to manipulate extract properties to create the mood for each product

Ethical and respectful relationships with farmers in Indonesia

A passion for what we do and how we do it!

3rd party lab testing – Heavy metals – Microbiology/Toxins – Purity/Potency

A little introduction from one of us…

Back in 2009 my life drastically changed when I was introduced to an old school hippie apothecary owner in Portland Oregon… Straight out of a movie with jars on the shelfs, tinctures, trinkets, plants, flowers, herbs etc. At 16 I broke my back in a head on collision by a drunk driver’s SUV, swerving and slamming into my car. Being young I felt the pain, did all the doctors appointments, physical therapy, and took the prescribed medications etc. Quickly noticing that all of these weren’t helping at all. I fought to be able to see a chiropractor as this modality really helped, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing and rehabilitation. Time went on and life happens, as the discomfort from my injury progressed the only options I had were the chiropractor and the prescriptions. Chiropractors were expensive and that lead to the latter as the only relief unfortunately.

Whatever is on Earth that can harm us, God/Source/Creator also put everything on Earth to help us as well. Searching for alternative natural ways to live a better life and find relief. Not just for me but for the countless people I knew or came across dealing with similar issues. It was a widespread problem that needed a pure, loving, and passion fueled solution.

I knew Kratom was my calling. As if I had a direct download from god source creator one afternoon, everything made since and my future was crystal clear without a doubt in my mind. I knew what my purpose in life was; to live my life IN SERVICE TO OTHERS, utilizing my passion BETTERING OTHERS LIVES! Kratom Therapy was founded 🙂


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